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Eat Carbs & Skip Workouts To Get a Bride Fit Body

What was that?   Eat carbs?   Skip workouts?   Doesn’t eating carbs make you fat?   And shouldn’t you work out more and harder when trying to lose fat and get fit?   The answer:   It depends.

Release The Extra Summer Pounds & Reset Your Bride Fit Body

The ending of summer is bittersweet, I was talking to a February 2018 bride who is looking forward to getting back to a more structured schedule that the fall season usually brings.   She happens to be a teacher so she’s really going “back to school” but even if you aren’t really going “back to […]

What’s for Dinner? Quick & Easy Bride Fit Meals

Dinner can sabotage your Bride Fit plan to get ‘wedding dress ready,’ because if hunger hits without a plan, impulsive decisions like ordering pizza happen! Having certain item’s on hand will ensure that a fast & healthy Bride Fit dinner is always available.   Here are some of my favorite quick & easy dinner idea’s […]

The Simple Secret To A Successful Bride Fit Diet & Getting Your Body Wedding Dress Ready

Life these days is jam packed, especially with wedding plans added to the normal busy schedule, and it seems daunting to take on nutrition plans and exercise routines that take too long or require strict compliance.   Keeping things simple is best for most of us and reduces stress, so here’s the one simple secret […]

This Treatment Targets Fat & Inch Loss Wherever You Desire For A Bride Fit ‘Wedding Dress Ready’ Sexy Body

I was feeling pretty excited when I learned there was a treatment available that offered targeted fat & inch loss in those ‘hard to lose no matter how much you exercise or diet’ areas!  

The Secret To Effortless Fat Loss And A Wedding Dress Ready Body

I’m not talking about a secret diet, pill or workout that will make the fat melt away.   If you’ve been following my blogs, you know that getting the Bride Fit body you desire doesn’t happen over night and includes eating delicious whole food and moving your body.   There is however a BIG SECRET […]

3 Tips To Lose Fat Quick And Get Wedding Dress Ready

Most brides are looking for quick-fix weight loss solutions and may fall prey to infomercials featuring gadgets and diets promising weight loss and hard bodies practically overnight!   The truth is that fat lose and muscle gain don’t happen the first day you start thinking about changing your eating habits or begin your new exercise […]

Eat This For A Glowing Complexion (And So Much More) On Your Wedding Day

Having beautiful skin for the “big day” is a common desire for all brides!   The key to a healthy glowing complexion has more to do with what you put in your body than what you put on your skin.   Beauty from the inside out!   You may spend lots of money on skin […]

Why Your Bride Fit Diet Isn’t Working?

Following a strict diet plan generally doesn’t work for the long term and side effects of being super restricted are feelings of deprivation and failure because it’s impossible to be “perfect.”   That’s why I’m not a big fan of counting calories and recommend in my blogs and on-line program to “dial in” diet & […]

Is Counting Calories Part Of The Bride Fit ‘Get Wedding Dress Ready Plan?’

I usually poopoo counting calories in my articles, here’s why: It can be stressful Potentially steals the pleasure out of eating Creates a “I’m on diet” feeling May cause the bridezilla to come out in you