Cannabis For The Win: Sports Leagues See The Light On CBD

Sports organizations have long taken an anti drug stance. Part of this is for societal reasons, to help discourage viewers and fans of the sports to take up drugs. And the other part has traditionally been for reasons of performance; to help discourage athletes from seeking artificial advantages that some drugs might offer. BIG3 is […]

Can CBD Help Ease Discomfort During Your Menstrual Cycle? (CBD for PMS Pain)

There are some really promising benefits of using CBD oil for managing premenstrual and menstrual symptoms in women. CBD oil has a huge range of benefits but they seem to cater specifically to the needs of those afflicted by PMS. CBD oil has huge benefits when it comes to pain management and anti inflammatory properties. […]

CBD Coffee Will Put Your Anxiety On Snooze & Energize Your Mornings

Combining CBD oil with coffee will change your life for the better. Despite some of the stigma associated with cannabis and cannabis related products, Cannabis is a natural, God created herb, that when used properly, provides all sorts of health benefits for the people who use it. For example, CBD products have a wide array […]

The 5 Most Incredible Uses For Hemp

The fact that we are not using hemp for it’s many uses is an astounding misstep in human evolution. Many still associate hemp with marijuana, and while that association is valid, it can be used for so many more things. First, it can be an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil based fuel. Hemp takes in […]

Trade-In Your Ibuprofen for Cannabis

People have long been using over the counter pain medications to treat inflammatory or painful conditions, but at major costs to their health. There are many options for over the counter NSAIDs, such as acetaminophen, naproxen, aspirin, ibuprofen, and some prescription drugs as well, but these drugs, while commonly used, are dangerous. NSAIDs can severely […]

Does CBD Get You High?

The tides of the War on Drugs are definitely changing. Marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the United States Federal Government, but individual states are legalizing both it and the cannabis plant in increasing numbers. This movement began with medical aspects but has since moved on to general legalization without any […]

A New Cannabis Trend: CBD Cocktails

People are regularly coming up with different ideas to include cannabidiol (CBD) into their daily products – from foods to beverages to body care products. It seems that CBD oil can be mixed with just about anything – from coffee,  sauces, smoothies, etc. Now the latest trend bartenders have now been starting to mix small amounts […]

Other Cannabinoids: There’s More Than Just CBD & THC In Hemp & Cannabis

Cannabis is not just THC. The plant can do far more than simply get stoners high. As cannabis legalizes across more and more areas around the world, the benefits of this formerly demonized plant are becoming increasingly well known. And surprising a lot of people who grew up thinking it was just about marijuana and […]

How to Buy CBD Oil?

CBD oil is rapidly becoming the talking point for people who are surprised, or at least bemused, by the growing legalization of marijuana and cannabis. Most such people assumed, or assume, cannabis is only for getting high and enjoying the recreational benefits. CBD is turning out to change a lot of minds, now that it […]

What Is Industrial Hemp? (Does It Contain CBD?)

One of the oldest industrially useful crops known to man is hemp. It’s only been in the last century, literally about a hundred years or so, that hemp has become a demonized plant. Now that legalization is starting to sweep not just the United States, but the world as well, hemp is returning to the […]