Month: October 2015

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Stay Fit and Healthy

If it were easy to stay fit and healthy, there would be less disease in the world and people would live much longer. Unfortunately, it gets more difficult as one gets older and it may require serious lifestyle changes. However, this does not mean that it can’t be done. If anything, there are probably several […]

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6 Tips for Managing Stress at Work

One place where people feel a lot of stress is at work. Given the impact stress can have on productivity and your health, it’s easy to understand the importance of finding ways to manage work stress. Here are six tips to help you keep your cool in the workplace.

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Sleep Like a Rock

Getting a good night’s rest is important for a variety of reasons. Adequate sleep reduces stress and improves productivity, memory, and creativity. Not everyone has an easy time establishing a good sleeping habit. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are just some of the things that can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. […]


6 Tips for Better Posture

Modern life can make bad posture seem like an inevitability. Many people spend the entire day hunched in front of screens, which can lead to rounded shoulders, weak back and core muscles, and eventually persistent pain. The good news is that bad posture can be avoided. Read on to learn how you can set up […]


Fitting Fitness into Your Life

If, when trying to improve your fitness level, you start out strong and then find yourself failing and end up quitting, you need a better plan.  Even a novice gym-goer needs a plan. It is not possible to say which component is the most important, but if you want to develop a gym routine that […]

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Just Breathe

Have you ever urged a distressed friend to take a deep breath? That oft-delivered advice trips off the tongue without thought because we all instinctively understand that breath plays a vital role in a person’s health and welfare. Breath is life, and connecting with your breathing offers a powerful way to harness emotion; it allows […]

Common Conditions Handled with Telemedicine

When you are used to having to go to the doctor or “see” a doctor to get diagnosed and treated, the concept of telemedicine can be confusing.  What exactly is telemedicine, what should I expect, and what can be treated?  How is the doctor going to do all those doctor things, like look in my […]

Body Inflammation

Body Inflammation

Inflammation often gets a bad wrap in the fitness world.   Mainly because it is seen as the enemy because it is so closely associated with injuries and chronic pain.   Not only that, inflammation can be traced back to just about every major health problem we have in medicine today.  


Information on Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

An infection that develops in a woman’s uterus and other reproductive organs is called Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). It is a condition that commonly affects females who are younger than 25 years of age. Every year over a million women get PID. It is a disease that can be avoided, and it is one that […]

Diet soda

Is Diet Soda Making You Fat?

Switching to calorie-free, artificially-sweetened diet soda may seem like a smart choice if you are trying to lose weight or avoid weight gain, but it turns out that diet soda may not be the best option for your waist line. Here, you will learn what the research says about the relationship between diet soda and […]