Month: August 2016


Best Hair Transplant Alternatives

Losing your hair is an unfortunate part of aging for a growing number of men and women. For some people, genetics and other factors cause hair loss at a young age. If you are one of those affected by thinning, balding hair, self-esteem issues are just the start of the many concerns the issue brings […]


What is Hurry Sickness? | FT Business School

The challenges business face today are much more complex than in past times. Today leadership focuses more on the ability to get things done through collaboration rather than topical expertise. With the proliferation of emails and meetings in today’s business climate, setting aside time for reflection rather than just reaction has become increasingly challenging. Dr. […]

The Surprising Sign You May Have PCOS

Daisy Ridley, the starlet of the newest Star Wars film, recently revealed her battle with polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition affects nearly 5-10% of all women, the PCOS Foundation recently revealed. One symptom of PCOS includes irregular acne due to an intense oil production in the skin. There are various signs pointing the the fact […]

Are You Ready to ‘Fall’ Into Bride Fit Shape?

Summer is coming to an end with Labor Day Weekend upon us!   It’s bittersweet for me when September arrives because as much as I love summer (and this was the best one I can remember), I equally appreciate the opportunity for a fresh start.   I’ve noticed, being in the fitness business for almost […]

Wannarexia: What Parents Can Do

Although there has been little research done on the subject, anorexic yearning is something that exists among teenagers. Called “Wannarexia,” this desire to have an eating disorder could be considered prevalent in America. With celebrities being celebrated for their thin figures and several pro-anorexia websites to be found, Wannarexia could be considered a problem– or […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Hair Loss

The simple fact is that 30% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 30. This video looks to get to the root of the problem and asks you to take an honest look at hair loss. As stated, the earlier you notice it, the better the chance of beating it. The video […]

The Big Problem New Retirees Run Into

Many retirees run into a big problem when they first retire: they confuse happiness at being retired with being fulfilled in retirement. However, those are not the same, and when the happiness of “I don’t have to go to work today!” ends many retirees are left feeling confused, lost, and as though they have no […]

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Guide to Pre-Workout Supplements

Have you ever noticed how some workouts come easier than others? Like most people, there are probably times when you’re on fire with your training and times when you can barely make it through a session. Random though it may seem, this phenomenon has a lot to do with the nutrients that you ingest prior […]

Who’s Most Likely to Seek Infertility Help

A British study concludes that nearly half of the people with fertility issues do not seek treatment. This study surveyed 15,000 adults in Britain. In this study, infertility is defined as having issues becoming pregnant for one year or more. This study provides a different insight, because instead of seeking participants from medical practices, this […]

Zumba® Fitness is Gold for All Ages

Zumba is a fitness phenomenon, but does it really burn calories and build muscle the way more traditional aerobic training does? A recent study says yes. Zumba not only gets the heart rate into a moderate or higher fitness zone, but also helps participants burn a high number of calories. Beyond that, the program is […]