Month: March 2018

What Are the Best and Worst Foods?

Medicine and health are important subjects, but they’re also hard to understand sometimes. And staying abreast of the latest developments, sorting through information that floods in from every direction, can be harder still. Doctors constantly tell us the importance of a healthy diet, but what is considered healthy can change sometimes; and knowing how to […]

Melasma vs. Hyperpigmentation: What’s the Difference and How Do You Treat Them?

Hyperpigmentation is a medical condition where the skin can become discolored by changes in its pigmentation. There are several possible causes, including scarring from injury or even acne, damage from sun exposure, or inflammation that affects the skin. Another cause, not as well known, is melasma. A condition that mostly affects women, melasma presents similarly […]

PharmaPure Sugar Blocker Review – A Safe and Effective Diet Pill?

A new dietary supplement that helps remove excess fat from the body can be just the thing for your weight loss needs. PharmaPure Sugar Blocker acts by stopping the absorption of glucose into the body. These sugars carry a high calorie density, and are responsible for many an unwanted pound finding its way onto our […]

The Connection Between Sleep Disruption and Alzheimer’s

New research conducted in the United Kingdom has shed some fresh information on how problems sleeping and Alzheimer’s may be connected. Doctors have been aware of how Alzheimer’s Disease patients suffer from various sleeping disorders for some time. In fact, issues with sleep have been considered a possible early symptom when confirming a diagnosis of […]

Could Low Serotonin Levels Drive Alzheimer’s Disease?

Research into Alzheimer’s Disease remains a hot topic for medical investigators. New research has found serotonin levels play a part in who is more or less likely to be diagnosed with a cognitive disorder such as Alzheimer’s. Previous studies thought serotonin was just a side effect of Alzheimer’s. But it may actually be involved in […]

Turning 40? It May Be Time to Switch Contact Lenses

Deteriorating eyesight is just one of the many age-related problems people face as they get older. People who wear contacts may notice some issues with their current lenses, leading them to believe they need glasses. However, the issue can be fixed by changing to a different type of contact lens. Previously, this issue was fixed […]

Stop Stress In Its Tracks With These Herbs You Can Easily Grow At Home

Not only is gardening a great excuse to work some physical activity into your schedule, the herbs you could be tending are a way to directly affect your health in other ways. Today, we’re all facing stress at least some of the time; one way or another. And stress carries not only mental effects, but […]

A Critical Look at CBD Oil: The Effects and Benefits

Many consumers have heard of medical marijuana. You may have also heard of cannabidiol, or CBD, oil. Cannabidiol is just one of more than 80 different naturally occurring chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These chemicals are found in different plants in the Cannabis genus, such as hemp and marijuana.

Can You Drink Too Much Sparkling Water?

A love of sparking water is no new thing. From soda on down, we love carbonated beverages. And that’s all a sparkling drink is; a liquid that has carbon dioxide in it. This added carbon dioxide is what creates that fizz so many of us find popular. Dietitians and doctors say we should drink a […]

Sleep Helps Language Development

Though we all sleep, many questions remain into how and why, and as to what exactly happens during our nightly slumber. New research that focused on infants has made fresh discoveries into some of those unanswered questions. Sleep is turning out to be crucial to the assimilation of knowledge. Infants aged six to eight months […]