Increasing Number of Hemp Farmers Going Organic

As cannabis sheds its cloak of secrecy and moves into the realm of legalization, hemp farmers are getting into gear. A number of agricultural operations working to cultivate and make hemp available for industrial uses are turning to organic farming methods, rather than factory farming procedures. The distinction is fairly basic at the moment. Organically […]

Hemp CBD Oil: A Powerful Anxiety Buster

Extensive research has determined that cannabidiol (CBD), the active medicinal component of hemp CBD oil, provides powerful anxiety relief without the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Clinical trials show that CBD even reduces different types of anxiety, including post-traumatic stress and social anxiety disorder. Hemp CBD oil can also combat everyday stress, as it has a balancing […]

Hemp As Medicine | A History of Hemp As Medicine Since Ancient China

Hemp has been a useful plant for a very long time, and only in recent history has it been turned into something to shun and stop using. Now that is starting to change, leading people who have forgotten the advantages and benefits of hemp to go looking to learn about them all over again. Herbal […]

Ingestion and Topical Cannabis for Pain Relief

The body of research supporting the use of cannabis as a potent and effective natural medicine continues to grow, as increased legalization leads to a larger base and stronger focus by researchers. With more and more people becoming aware of the potential of this natural remedy, and more states allowing its legal use for a […]

Myths and facts

Busting 3 Common Myths Surrounding Cannabis

As cannabis and marijuana start to shed the governmental restrictions that have plagued it for most of the twentieth century, there still exists a number of misconceptions or flat out wrong assumptions about it. While progress continues to be made in bring cannabis back into general use, these issues still swirl in some circles and […]

India’s History of Cannabis Use

Cannabis and its use only seem new these days because during the twentieth century it came under government regulation that saw it banned across most of the world. But before that, many countries and cultures made use of various cannabis plants for a number of needs. In India, for example, it was seen as a […]