Month: August 2018

Couple sleeping

How Sound Impacts Your Sleep Cycle

Some of us can sleep through a hurricane, while others will bolt upright at the creak of a door being opened. But everyone’s sleep is affected by the sounds we hear as we lay slumbering. In fact, a whole host of sensory cues can play a major role in how much, and how efficient, we […]

Brain Study Paves Way for Therapy for Common Cause of Dementia

As people live longer thanks to modern medical science, that same long life is leaving them around long enough for diseases and conditions to develop that once they would have passed on prior to succumbing to. Dementia is a key disease for the elderly, robbing patients of their mental faculties and the ability to function […]

Why We Should Learn to Embrace Failure | Elizabeth Day

No one gets through life without trouble. These times of troubles define us even more so than our triumphs, so we should view them as opportunities. Divorce, job loss, miscarriage are all things we don’t want to experience and yet most of us will be impacted by some significant setbacks as we age. Little children […]

More Women May Be Experiencing Depression During Pregnancy

While postpartum depression has been a known ailment that affects new moms, there has been a shift recently that is making more moms-to-be depressed. Instead of the depression and anxiety setting in after the baby is born, women today are beginning to get depressed in their third trimester. This depression seems to be predominantly rooted […]

Caffeine ‘Dosing’ Is Here To Help You Get More Done

Many people are dependent on caffeine for their day to day activities. A study by the US Army was conducted to determine the best way people can consume their caffeine and when is the best time they should consume it. Using a computer algorithm, they evaluated each subject’s sleep patterns and caffeine intake patterns and […]

Hypothyroidism Impacts the Menstrual Cycle

Hypothyroidism is a common problem that can affect up to one in three women over the age of 35. It causes an underactive thyroid, which can wreak havoc not only on your menstrual cycle, but your entire body. There are some full-body symptoms you can look out for, such as chronic low body temperature, fatigue, […]

‘I Went Camping To Fix My Broken Sleeping Pattern’

Going to sleep used to be so easy. The day would end, the sun would go down, and maybe you might read a bit next to a lamp; but then you’d hit the sack and that was that. For the most part, being in bed meant you were falling asleep. Not anymore. In today’s increasingly […]

How We Study the Microbes Living in Your Gut | Dan Knights

The human body lives in symbiosis with trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that we play host to. They enable some of our most basic biological processes, such as digestion. The term medical scientists use to describe this is the human microbiome; the world of microorganisms that live within us. And it’s an entire field […]

Making the Most of a Walking Workout

When your doctor tells you getting in shape will help, that doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself into a ridiculous exercise regimen full of high impact activities. Exercise means just that; getting and staying more active. Even walking, as pedestrian as it sounds, will give you that overall health boost your doctor is pushing […]

What Not to Say to Somebody With Dementia

While there are few serious medical or health problems we would treat lightly, for many the most terrifying are those involving loss of cognition. Dementia and other cognitive disorders impact the mind’s ability to function normally. They rob us of our memory, and even our most basic human skills. For someone living with dementia, it […]