Month: July 2014


5 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism

There are so many myths and legends in the weight-loss world about how to boost your metabolism. Some are helpful, and some are hurtful. Don’t get caught in the ladder group and learn how to boost your metabolism the healthy way! Incorporate these tips from HealthStatus into your everyday routines and you’ll be losing inches […]

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4 Ways to Boost Your Energy (The Healthy Way!)

Skip the caffeine pills and energy drinks! Relying on caffeine and these sugary energy drinks can cause your body to crash, leaving you more tired than you were before. Continued fatigue can decrease your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to disease and illness. Be proactive when dealing with low energy levels and boost your […]

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De-stress During Your Busy Week

Stress is a natural part of life, it can be consuming and make our health deteriorate if not treated and handled. Stress can cause depression, increase blood pressure, and elevate your risk for heart problems. How can we handle stress before it becomes chronic and takes a toll on our health? Use these tricks to […]

Breaking Out? Head To Your Kitchen

Trouble fighting off those pesky pimples? HealthStatus has the solution! The connection between food and skin is more direct than you think. The remedy for your troubled skin is as close as your kitchen.

Boost Your Mood With These Five Foods

Feeling a little low?  Many people turn to food to make them feel better, but ultimately eat junk and fatty foods, which makes them feel even worse. Turning your eating habits around when you’re stressed out or depressed can not only make you feel better, but it can make you look better too! Who doesn’t […]

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How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking?

Every fitness and nutrition expert has his or her own rule for how much water you need to drink everyday. The most common rule is the “8 by 8” rule, drinking eight glasses of water a day by 8 o’clock. But is there much merit to this theory? HealthStatus breaks this down and explains that […]

How Many Calories Are Really in Your Drink?

Having trouble losing those last few pounds but don’t know which part of your diet is holding you back? Ever thought about cutting alcohol out of your diet? Alcoholic beverages add many unwanted calories to your figure with every drink you buy. HealthStatus outlines the calories in your favorite drinks and how they could be […]

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Wanting Skinny or Wanting Healthy

Being too skinny is just like being too overweight. Both pose serious health risks. Skinny might look good but it comes with low muscle mass, compromised immune systems, osteoporosis, anemia, and hair loss. Weight loss is important and advertisements of weight-loss pills, shakes and miracle diets are all over social media, television, magazines, and almost […]


Increase Core Strength With Everyday Activities

Working on your core can be tricky! Not everyone has the time to hit the gym or go to a yoga class. But, did you know that you can do these simple techniques everyday to strengthen your core without hitting the gym? HealthStatus has laid out some ways to increase your core power with everyday […]

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Does it Cost Extra to Eat Healthy?

Healthy eating definitely costs more than eating fast food and cooking ramin noodles all the time. The cost is somewhat insignificant at first look, but if you consider that healthy vegetables and fruits can cost up to $1.50 a day more than processed foods, this can add up to a substantial amount of money a […]