Month: April 2017

Why My Wife and I Decided to Immediately Tell Our Friends and Family She Was Pregnant

Pregnancy is an important time in a person, and a couple’s life. It can be very exciting, and often times couples want to tell their friends and families right away. They do not want to keep the secret, wanting to share their joy with the world. Often times though, a pregnancy does not make it […]

No Fear – Article

2 Timothy 1:7 says that, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.” You know in recent years there has been a popular phrase on these T-shirts and baseball caps worn by millions of young people across America.   It simply […]

Can We Stop With the Self-Sabotage Already?

When a moment of clarity and motivation comes to an individual, it is like starting over fresh, with your eye on the prize. When a vision of a new life, or a new you comes to mind, it can take over your life and off you go on achieving your goal. As we get close […]

We Should Never Have Told People To Start Taking Vitamins

Are vitamins really the way to go? Should we listen to all the hype telling us that we need vitamins to combat many variations of illnesses and diseases? Why not just eat better more healthy foods, avoiding processed and refined foods and look to nature for your supplementation. Two newer vitamin companies brag that they […]

How LEVL Works with the Body

As we exhale, there us a chemical called Acetone, which aids in the bodies metabolic fat burning capabilities. What the product does, is it allows the user to measure their Acetone output via breath to determine what actions are getting a positive result and what isn’t working. Since everyone is different the app works for […]

Home-Delivery Meal Kits Are Easy — And, It Turns Out, Pretty Healthy

Meal-Kit delivery services have been growing in popularity since they were first introduced in 2012. There are over 100 such companies operating in the US at this time. Customers go to the service’s website and pick out what meals you would like for the week, the company sends a box full of ingredients with detailed […]

Keep Up The Good Work – Video

The man in the video is helping people who feel that they need to be acknowledged. The CEO or co-worker feels that they are putting in an effort and getting nothing in return. The man is speaking to these people, telling them that their extra effort is not being overlooked, that God is watching. He […]

Research Shows Camping Good for Sleep

There was  some research done from the American Sleep Association about whether camping is good for sleep. In this study the American Sleep Association showed camping will recover sleep patterns. We have so many distractions going on late into the night that can keep us all awake. We can’t get any sleep at night for […]

Opening Minds Through Art: A Creative Approach to Caregiving

Although art therapy is not a new addition to nursing homes and memory care residences, one Ohio organization has been elevating the practice to new heights of interaction and study, with a “person-centered” approach. Opening Minds Through Art (OMA) is the brainchild of Dr. Elizabeth Lokon. Under her direction, OMA has allowed Ohio seniors (and […]

Shape legs

AirFeet – Dynamic vs Static Insoles

A fun and lighthearted overview of the primary differences between the terms “static” and “dynamic” in the consumer industry. According to the video, “static” implies lack of change or action and is considered boring, with a lack of progress. Conversely, dynamic describes innovative, exciting, ever-changing, and new technologies. Dynamic, in the context of this video, […]